10 Celebrities Who Have Tattooed Other Stars’ Faces on Their Body

At one time or another, our parents drilled into our minds that tattoos are permanent, so choosing the right one is a big deal. For some, the right tattoo is a loved one’s signature. For others, it’s a meaningful quote. However, for the pop-culture junkie (ahem, us), the decision is clear: If you’re going to get a tattoo, go all out and ink your favorite celebrity’s face.

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Clearly, the rest of Hollywood is on the same wave length, judging from the amount of celebrities who are big enough fangirls to tattoo their idols’ faces on their bodies. All celebrities—even big names like Drake and Miley Cyrus—were on the other side of the concert barricade at one point, so it makes sense that they would express that devoted love with some permanent ink. Take a peek at 10 celebrities who have tattoos of other celebrities, ahead.

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