10 Celebrity Couples Who We Desperately Wish Were Actually Together

If you’ve spent any time on the fandom side of the internet, you know that there’s a thing called shipping. Shipping is when fans are so head-over-heels obsessed with two celebrities that they wish they were an item. Of course, shipping isn’t exclusive to extreme fan bases. It’s for anyone with an eye for cute couples and a nosy instinct to matchmake two people they haven’t met (i.e., us).

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Ahead, we take a look at 10 fantasy celebrity couples we desperately wish were together. Most of these pairs are close pals, so with the right nudge, they could easily exit the friend zone and take their relationship to the next level. A few of these celebrities are already taken (R.I.P.), but, hey, we can dream, right? Check out who’s on our celebrity-couples wish list ahead.

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