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12 Creative Ways Celebrities Have Hidden from the Paparazzi


Having to deal with the paparazzi looks somewhat like a nightmare. There are people constantly bombarding you, asking you for photos, and, most annoyingly, everyone is expecting you to look good. Given that celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio and Bella Hadid can’t even go to the grocery store in peace, it makes sense that some stars have resorted to over-the-top disguises to just make it through the day.

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When it comes to outfits, props and hairstyle changes, celebrities have taken it to a whole new level. And though some celebrities (ahem, Taylor Swift) are able to fly under the radar with their costumes, other stars’ camouflage choices start to seem more like big, red blinking arrows. Ahead, dive into some of the most outrageous, outlandish, and definitely unrecognizable cover-ups your favorite celebrities have worn.

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