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15 Celebrities Who Looked Incredible With Shaved Heads


The idea that most women look best with long, flowy, mermaid-like hair has never been so outdated. Take it from Cara Delevingne, who shaved her head in April and is a constant reminder of how beauty and femininity are defined by so much more than your exterior. “So many people are cutting their hair off. I love that; the more the merrier,”she told Stylist magazine. “I wanted to highlight the fact you don’t need hair to be feminine or beautiful.”

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Delevingne isn’t the first or the last celebrity to buzz her head. From Millie Bobby Brown‘s natural look on “Stranger Things” to Keke Palmer‘s neon purple shaved head, more famous women are going beautifully bald. Check out 15 celebrities who’ve gotten killer buzz cuts, and maybe even be inspired to get your own.

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