20 Pop Culture-Inspired Holiday Sweaters to Immediately Put on Your Wish List

If there was a time to wear an over-the-top wool sweater with Cardi B‘s face stitched in the center of it, now would be the time. For years, holiday sweaters (ugly, cute, and everything in between) have been a staple of December wardrobes. It’s the one time a year when you can whip out something borderline gaudy and still receive tons of Instagram likes for how cute your OOTD is. The problem is: The average holiday sweater, with its bells, lights, and Vaudeville-esque stitching, gets a little old.

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That’s where we come in. Long are the days when a haphazardly sewn-on reindeer wins you a holiday sweater contest. To really wow your family, you’re going to need something original, and what better way than to nod to some of the decade’s biggest pop culture moments, from the death of Harambe (R.I.P.) to the international obsession over “Stranger Things.” Besides, why would you want a reindeer on your sweater when you can have Drake or Eleven or Jon Snow? To inspire your holiday wardrobe, we rounded up 20 pop culture-inspired holiday sweaters to shop (or gift) this season.

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