21 Robe-Inspired Dresses and Tops That Basically Let You Wear Pajamas to Work

Your wildest dreams are coming true, ladies. Pajamas are now work-appropriate. Okay, so not technically, but robe-inspired dresses and tops are trending hard right now, meaning you can wear clothes that feel like pajamas and have a similar style—but are so much chicer than what you’re schlub around in during a Sunday hangover.

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These robe-inspired dresses and tops are wrap-style, featuring belts or knots to fasten across your midsection to make sure your outfit stays closed (with maybe an alluring peek of leg under a dress every now and then). If the tie is all you’re counting on to make sure your outfit doesn’t come undone, it’s smartest to wear some sort of a body suit, tank top, or slip underneath as a precaution.

Need some robe-inspired styling inspo? Ahead, we collected some of our favorite street style looks, plus a few robe-inspired dresses and tops to shop now.

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