25 Taylor Swift Holiday Gifts to Buy for Your Squad This Season

With the release of her sixth album, Reputation, in November, Taylor Swift is officially back in the public eye—and on the minds of Swifties everywhere. That means that come time for holiday shopping (which probably should’ve begun a few weeks ago, but no shame—we’re all procrastinators) expect a lot of of T-Swift-themed wish lists from your Swift-obsessed loved ones.

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And though it might seem easy to buy the 27-year-old singer’s new album or a basic Taylor Swift concert tee and call it a day, if you really want to impress the Swifties in your life, you have way more options than just a mug plastered with the lyrics to “Shake It Off.” Luckily for you, we did the legwork and scouted out the best of the best Taylor Swift presents to gift your squad this season. Check them out, ahead.

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