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8 Up-and-Coming Designers to Watch at New York Fashion Week


With New York Fashion Week in full swing, we’re excited to see what our favorite designers will be showing on the runway for Spring/Summer 2018. Although there are a few designers who have ditched their coveted place in the NYFW lineup to show elsewhere, like  Proenza Schouler, Rebecca Minkoff, and Tommy Hilfiger, this makes way for some fresh faces.

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From celebrity stylists to recent fashion school grads and underground cool-kids, we’ve curated a list of designers you should watch this week. Some, like Nina Tiari, jumped on the scene as little as one season ago and are well on their way to becoming widely known and respected. Others, like PH5 and LRS Studio, have been around for a few years—and may even have made our rising designers list before—but are still making names for themselves and creating cool, edgy designs worth keeping an eye on.

Make a mental note (or, even better, bookmark) these names, because you’ll want to follow them for more fashion week and everyday outfit inspiration this year and next.

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