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After Snottydink, ex-Apprentice candidates pen Gobble Gruff


The former Apprentice candidates behind children’s book Snottydink are set to publish a second story, called Gobble Gruff.

Sam Curry and Elle Stevenson co-authored Snottydink under the pen name Ellie Curry during week five’s task.

Although their team lost, copies of the book about the runny-nosed elephant-dragon hybrid were soon selling on eBay for 10 times the asking price.

With both contestants now out of the competition, they have teamed up to create Gobble Gruff – who is part ogre, part cat.

Curry said: “Just as we did with our first book, both Elle and I wanted Gobble Gruff to convey an important moral about acceptance.”

Stevenson added: “We worked hard to create something magical that children and parents alike could enjoy this festive season.”

Gobble Gruff is an oversized beast living in a magical forest, surrounded by his diminutive friends and family. The story features a special visit from Father Christmas.

Dominic Trevett, who drew Snottydink’s original illustrations during the programme, has also created Gobble Gruff.

In the boardroom, Curry defended himself from criticism over his use of words such as “quell”, “rife” and “dire” in a book aimed at three to five-year-olds.

But Gobble Gruff will also feature more difficult words intended to stretch a child’s vocabulary, including “sculpture”, “steed” and “technique”.

After his exit from the show, Curry told the Press Association: “Elle and I are going to write a children’s book together because of the reaction that Snottydink had. We’ve had the initial meeting.

“Not only was it selling for £70 on eBay but the comic book store that we sold it to actually sold out before the episode even aired. That’s how strong a book it was without the press of the show.

“My father was saying that most people at his company said ‘We really want to buy a copy of this book, where can we find it?’. Even (author) Cressida Cowell on You’re Fired was professing the virtues of the book and its message and congratulating me on it.”

Gobble Gruff will go on sale on Wednesday December 16 on Amazon.

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