Apple quietly increases iPad Pro prices by $50 or more

After a huge flurry of product announcements, Apple has quietly raised prices of its 256GB and 512GB iPad Pro models by $50. The price increases were first spotted by by MacRumors. Launched in June, the 256GB and 512GB 10.5-inch Wi-Fi models were initially priced at $749 and $949 respectively. That’s now jumped up to $799 and $999, so you’re forking out extra money for the same damn thing you would’ve gotten for less just yesterday. For the same 10.5-inch model but featuring cellular capability, the new prices are $929 (up from $879) and $1,129 (up from $1,079) for the 256GB and the 512GB versions respectively.

The case is the same overseas, with increases seen in Europe and Australia. The 256GB Wi-Fi 10.5 inch iPad Pro launched in the…

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