Audeze’s new Mobius headphones have amazing 3D sound processing

Audeze Mobius

Gaming headphones all tend to come with lofty promises about 7.1 sound or special spatial audio imaging or some other gimmick that can entice people to buy them. Audiophile headphone maker Audeze is getting into this gimmick game with the announcement of its new Mobius headset — though the difference here is that Audeze’s gimmick is really rather awesome. I tried out a prototype of the Mobius at CES back in January, and I’ve been excited to see the finished product ever since.

Audeze’s trick with the Mobius is to create a soundstage that is fixed in your real-world environment and doesn’t shift with movements of your head. So if a sound source is on the right edge of the screen in front of you, tilting or turning your head or even…

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