Best French Toast Recipes to Try

During the week, it’s all about keeping up appearances. Maybe that means nibbling on , or making something of an effort by running errands in your activewear.

But come the weekend, and it’s time to let loose—and treat yourself. One of our favorite ways is indulging in a delectable brunch selection—no spinach and egg white omelets here, please and thank you! And while we’re all about eating actual cake for breakfast, we’re talking, of course, about digging into some dangerously good French Toast recipes.

That’s not to say that the classic challah variety (doused, of course, with a hearty serving of Vermont maple syrup) doesn’t have a place in our esteem, but there area always ways to upgrade on the classics, with a twist of creativity. Why not use a leftover bagel instead of bread? Or, if you want to get extra decadent, try stuffing your FT with something like pistachio and cherry or coconut cream.

Or, embrace a boozy brunch with a bourbon-infused variety. Any way you go, you can’t lose. We’ve rounded up six of our favorites to help get you started.


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