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Celebrity Big Brother 2016: Emma Willis admits that Gemma Collins would be a ‘brilliant’ housemate | TV | Staying In


Emma Willis has fanned the flames of those Gemma Collins rumours by admitting that she’d be a ‘brilliant’ Celebrity Big Brother housemate.

Ahead of the brand new series, which kicks off in January, host Willis has had her say on who she’d like in the house and the former TOWIE star seems to come out on top.

“I think she would be brilliant in there. She obviously knows reality TV,” she said.

“She’s a fan of Big Brother, she comes on BBOTS quite a lot.  There doesn’t seem to be any falseness with her. What you see is what you get. 


Housemate? Gemma Collins is rumoured to be entering the CBB house 

“I think lots of people like her, and lots of people can relate to her.”

Willis added: “There are two types of great housemate: there’s the kind of people who go a long way, down to earth people that viewers can relate to and empathise with.  

“And the other type of great housemate is the type that creates fireworks and the kind of person who you love to hate.  Gemma is definitely the former. 

“I think most people would like her, and she’d be brilliant.”

Co-host Rylan Clark also seemed keen for Collins to join the line-up, thinking that she’d fare a lot better than she did on last year’s I’m a Celebrity.

“I think if Gemma goes in, she’ll  be exactly what everyone expects her to be: loud and opinionated! I just hope she lasts longer in the house, if she goes in, than she did in the jungle.  

“They’re such different shows, though. There’s no way I’d ever do I’m A Celebrity. Big Brother’s the only one I’d ever do, so hopefully she’d be alright.”

Willis also commented on Ola Jordan’s rumoured addition to the line-up, saying that she’s ‘lovely.’

“If Ola’s anything like James, then we should get her in as quickly as we can.  I think he’s another one that surprised me – he used to make me scream at the TV, but I couldn’t help but love him,” she said.

“I don’t think Ola is quite like that, I think she’s probably quite lovely.”

Celebrity Big Brother: Live Launch, Tuesday, January 5 at 9pm on Channel 5.

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