Dragon Ball FighterZ is the purest and most accessible DBZ game in years

As a kid, I remember faithfully waking up on Saturday mornings to tune into the trials of Goku and his cohort of energy-wielding superheroes. Dragon Ball Z was my first exposure to anime, and it became a franchise I stuck with for more years than I can even remember. Yet while I do have a soft spot for DBZ and the myriad media that orbits it, I fell off the bandwagon years ago. I haven’t kept up with the new Dragon Ball Super TV show, and I haven’t earnestly played one of the games in full since the PlayStation 2 era.

Dragon Ball FighterZ, the new console and PC title out today, is drawing me back in, reinvigorating my love of the franchise. After spending some time with the full version of the game this week, I can say that it’s…

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