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‘Drake on Cake’ is the Instagram Account You Need to See


Is there any piece of pop culture that Drake hasn’t touched this year? From co-opting emoji to starring in more than a couple of memes, our boy Aubrey G. made sure that he left his mark on 2015, and now he’s even influencing the baking industry.

Thanks to an Instagram account created by @JoytheBaker, we now have @DrakeonCake, which she describes as her “passion project” with “cake and lots of Drake.” Fair enough—we like both of those things too.

The account features sweet, otherwise commonplace cakes festooned with Drake’s earnestly sensitive—and, at times, racy—lyrics. Which, when you consider that Drake wants you to either have his heart or “share it like the last slice,” is very fitting, to be quite honest.

No word from Champagne Papi yet on how he feels about “YOLO” being used for confectionary masterpieces, but if there’s any rapper in the game who’d downright love having his bars on a cake, it would definitely be Drizzy.

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