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Foodie Gift Ideas for the Gourmet on Your Holiday List


Finding the perfect gift for a foodie is no easy feat. True, the holidays are all about food in one iteration or the next—from the perfectly executed holiday meal to the nonstop cookies and cakes that skyrocket your blood sugar level into the danger zone—but it seems like a prerequisite for being a foodie these days is to think everything is blasé.

Smoked paprika pepper garlic sauce? Who cares? Artisanal hand-carved salt cellars? Been there, done that.

The key with gifting a fussy foodie comes down to—you guessed it—good taste. Don’t pick something just because it sounds fancy or exotic; pick it because it’s something that you know your friend would love. Good design and packaging go a long way in that department.

With that in mind, we’ve rounded up 24 delicious gifts, from cookbooks to foodie gift boxes to a few carefully chosen goodies that are nothing short of delicious.

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