Hackers dumped Vevo’s celebrity dossiers after a company rep questioned their skills

The hacking group OurMine has been breaking into company networks and social accounts for years, usually inflicting more embarrassment than outright damage — but when they gained access to Vevo servers last night, the company somehow managed to provoke something worse.

According to a screenshot posted by OurMine, the group contacted a Vevo representative at 6:10PM with news of the compromise, only to be met with profanity and disbelief.

In response, OurMine posted 3.1 terabytes of data from Vevo’s servers, a leak first reported by Gizmodo. Browsable from OurMine’s site, the data included Vevo’s private dossiers on 90 different artists, including Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, One Direction and U2. Other documents included social-media…

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