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How to Decorate with Statement Pieces in Your Home


With two teenage daughters about to run off to college, Kanwar and Avanti decided the time had finally come to move out of the suburbs and back into Chicago’s East Loop. A finance guru and a physician of an alt medicine practice, they can easily be classified as a “power couple,” but when it came to downsizing their space, they felt, well, powerless.

Going from 6,000 square feet to 4,000 is a big shift. As Kanwar says, “The thought of what furniture, art, and decorative items to keep and take with us and what to let go of seemed an impossible task.” We know the feeling. Before they moved out of their old home, they had Homepolish designer Jennifer Talbot visit their abode to get a sense of their relaxed way of living.

As described by Jennifer, the new house “was very much a white box with an ordinary floorplan and no character.” Admittedly, it was a stunning piece of real estate, but it lacked a sense of history. And history is what this family is about. “We very much wanted to incorporate our Indian cultural tradition and heritage,” says Avanti.

The finished home is decidedly modern, but it seamlessly blends those elements that are essential to the family. A custom prayer cabinet, vignettes filled with treasures from their travels, and original artwork all come together to make a home that could only be theirs.

Click through the gallery to see the stunning space.

Written by Matt Powell | Photos by Dustin Halleck.

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