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How To Layer Jackets: 15 Outfit Ideas


You know what they say: double the jackets, double the fun.

No, not a thing? OK, well it should be, because outerwear is getting the two-for-one treatment this spring, with jackets layered one on top of the other a little extra warmth and a lot of extra style. We spotted the look at fashion week, and while it’s super easy, it’s also a little genius—when it’s still too cold out to wear your lightweight trench on its own, but too warm to throw on your winter parka for the thousandth time, this is your secret weapon.

What’s great about this styling trick is that it can work with what’s already in your closet (or whatever new outerwear you buy this season—up to you). Denim jackets make for a versatile base layer, dressing down statement outerwear or acting as a cool counterpart to your standard leather moto. Doubling up on blazers gives you layered lapels—an idea we’re more than happy to crib from the #menswear street style gods. Bombers, the irrefutable piece of the season, can be layered up, too—a good tip to keep in mind to put an original twist on yours this spring.

Click through the slideshow to see 15 outfit ideas for layering jackets.

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