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How to Wear Glitter Lipstick


For most of us, it feels like there is a very small window of time when glitter makeup – especially glitter lipstick – seems appropriate. You may see the more costume-y of looks come out during Halloween, Mardi Gras or even St. Patrick’s Day and deem it acceptable due to the celebrations. But, why relegate a beauty look that makes you feel good to only certain occasions that are more “acceptable?” If a bold vampy lip is cool for any night out, why stop there? Throwing some sparkle into your look can be the type of bold you want to go for, but that’s not to say you want to veer into costume territory. Naturally, the runway is the place to look for beauty inspiration that requires no apology or occasion other than you were really feeling yourself today. Check out these glittery pouts for the next time you need a rubric for your going-out beauty look.

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