Just In: Your September Horoscope

The first weekend in September features a fiery dynamic, with daredevil Mars inciting action. However, September 5th and 6th will introduce a far more elusive mood.

The full moon in Pisces reaches its peak (3:03 am EST on September 6th) arm in arm with Neptune, which casts a watery glaze over the height of Luna’s cycle. This can feel both magical and overwhelming, as the god of the seas offers spiritual transcendence, but also potential for flooding. Swim with the currents; don’t resist the emotional tides.

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We’ll dry off by the new moon in Virgo (1:30 am EST on September 20th), when five celestial bodies gather in the most helpful constellation. This is incredibly rare and focuses great attention on how we can be productive and discerning moving forward. Step up with a practical outlook, taking action towards service.

Ahead, find out more about what September has in store for your sign.

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