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Kendall + Kylie Shopping site is Officially Live


Kendall + Kylie shopping site

Photo: Kendall + Kylie

After teasing some sort of fashion project on Instagram for two months, Kendall and Kylie Jenner‘s new shopping site is live.

Instead of designing a full range of clothing and selling it as previously expected, it seems the sisters have settled on a flash-sale model for Kendall + Kylie, in which two new pieces of clothing are posted each week that have been “designed” by the model and reality star.

The inaugural pieces are both Brandy Melville-esque graphic crop tops—Kendall’s is a black tee that says “klub,” while her 17-year-old sister is hawking a tank that says “Kylie 97.”

Owning a slice of Jenner narcissism style will run you $28 apiece.

So far, every size is still in stock, although we’re assuming the team behind this venture assumed that wouldn’t be the case, since subscribers can sign up to get access to the pieces an hour before the sale goes live to the public, and shoppers can only buy two of each piece. Because we all need two tank tops that say Kylie Jenner’s name and birth year.



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