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Kooky iPhone 6 Cases to Shop Now



You carry your smartphone more carefully than your favorite handbag, and you probably spend more time looking at it than you spend looking at your significant other, so why treat your phone like any other gadget? In fact, the iPhone gets so much use that it’s really more of an accessory, so it’s worth spending a little time and cash on dressing yours up.

During recent seasons we’ve seen street style stars try Moschino’s OTT Barbie and McDonald’s-themed cases, but thanks to a number of brands and fast fashion retailers like Skinny Dip, ASOS, Topshop, and Nasty Gal, updating your iPhone 6 can now cost less than your weekly train fare.

While the rest of your outfit could be super conservative for your corporate career, or ladylike for a special event, your phone is one surprising accessory that can always look equal parts cool and kitschy. To prove it, we rounded up 17 kooky (but cool!) iPhone 6 cases to snap up now.

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