Minimalist Summer Clothes Under $100


Every time a new season breezes in, we get the urge to restock our closets with a few new things, but a short hot-weather season—and a bank account that’s a tad thinner now than it was before that summer share—doesn’t exactly lend itself to no-holds-barred shopping sprees. The solution? Buying with a minimalist’s aesthetic on a bargain-hunter’s budget.

Following a minimalist look not only takes the guesswork out of building outfits, but it allows you to own less and wear every piece more. And while stylish simplicity often gets a reputation for being expensive (thanks, Céline), we’ve hunted down 30 chic staples in neutral colors and sleek cuts that you can mix and match all summer long—and each is under $100.

From cropped trousers to boxy tops, click through the gallery and start building your summer wardrobe now.


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