Rachel Dolezal

Brother Attacked Me, Showed Me Pics

Of Naked Black Women

6/17/2015 10:34 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0616-rachel-dolezal-spokane-naacp-facebook-01Rachel Dolezal claimed her older brother Joshua Dolezal attacked her when she was a teenager and forced her to look at nude photos in National Geographic … according to court docs obtained by TMZ.

Joshua has been charged with four counts of sexual assault by his other sister, Esther — and in legal docs for the case … Esther’s older sister describes a creepy 1991 incident. The older sister’s name is redacted, but Rachel is the only other daughter in the family.

According to the docs, Joshua was 16 or 17 when he threw Rachel on the ground, pulled up her shirt and sexually abused her. The victim says Joshua then showed her National Geographic photos of topless African women … and told her he masturbated to them.

She added Joshua was “turned on by the black body and was curious about black women sexually.” 

Joshua was not charged for the alleged incident with Rachel — and the statute of limitations has long since expired.

Rachel believes her parents outed her race … to get back at her because she encouraged Esther to accuse Josh of sexual abuse. He was arrested and charged in March 2014, and is still awaiting trial.

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