Selena Gomez Confirmed That Kendall Jenner Has a Boyfriend

selena gomez kendall jenner boyfriend Selena Gomez Basically Confirmed Those Kendall/Harry Dating Rumors

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The Internet has long suspected that Kendall Jenner was dating Harry Styles ever since the pair was spotted spooning and smooching on a yacht while on vacation in Anguilla—and now, Jenner’s pal Selena Gomez has fueled the rumors by confirming the model does in fact have a secret boyfriend.

In a new interview with Capital FM’s Roman Kemp, Gomez casually dropped the news that none of the women in her squad (yes, we’re still saying that) are single. When Kemp asked if he could join their friendship group, Gomez said, “Maybe not for the squad necessarily, but boyfriend material is always good.… None of them are single, just so you know,” before going on to spell it out for us: “Taylor is not single, Gigi is not single, neither is Kendall.” In addition to sounding like the 2016 version of “you can’t sit with us,” Gomez also confirmed the rumors that Jenner’s spoken for.

Now, it’s been a full three months since those photos of Kendall and Harry first circulated, so the singer could be referring to a totally different mystery man. But, considering that Khloé Kardashian referred to the couple as “dating” in an interview, and Kendall and Harry were romantically linked in 2013 (read: There’s obviously history there), we have our money on the fact Gomez was talking about none other than Mr. Styles when referring to Kendall’s S.O.

harry styles Selena Gomez Basically Confirmed Those Kendall/Harry Dating Rumors

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