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The 12 Best Roasted Vegetables Recipes Ever


I’m what you’d call a fairly healthy eater—Greek yogurt; salad; a whole bunch of grilled chicken, fish, and sushi. I don’t have much of a sweet tooth. I try to avoid white flour unless it’s my weekend “treat” bagel. Yet I often find my clothes not fitting the way I want them to, or noticing how bloated, full, and kind of gross I feel after a simple dish of chicken paillard with roasted vegetables. And I know exactly why: That “simple” dish wasn’t created by my own hand, but rather by Sophie’s, a local takeout spot in my New York neighborhood.

As any human who works long hours can attest, Seamless is akin to the airplane, the telephone, and the automobile in terms of human breakthroughs. It’s the best damn invention ever. But the fact is, unless you’re ordering a plain bowl of kale with no dressing, takeout is still takeout. Meaning you have no idea what’s going into your food, and you’re probably consuming a disturbing amount of sodium and various types of oil that most definitely aren’t extra virgin.

I understand this fully, which is why my husband and I have made a conscious effort to start cooking dinner more. The problem: We both work a ton and rarely get home before 7:30 or 8 p.m., so to start whipping up elaborate meals isn’t always what we want to be doing. Plus, we’ve both decided we’re a little maxed out on animal protein these days but don’t exactly want to go full-on vegetarian. After spending time trolling Pinterest and my favorite food blogs, I’ve come up with a solution: roasting my own vegetables and treating them like their own meal.

Really: I get home, I chop the veggies of my choice, put them on a baking sheet, season them with salt, pepper, garlic, various herbs, EVOO, sometimes a little fresh grated Parmesan and pop them in a 425-degree oven for about 20 minutes. Sometimes I’ll serve my vegetables over quinoa or rice, sometimes not. Either way, I’ve found this to be an incredibly healthy, fast, satisfying way for me to make my own nighttime meal without all the mystery junk that’s going into my takeout.

Here, I’ve highlighted 12 roasted vegetable recipes I’ve actually tried—and have on rotation right now.

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