The Kim Kardashian Connect-the-Dots Book We Didn’t Know We Needed

Hugo MathiasIf you don’t have enough Kim Kardashian in your life as it is just by virtue of being a member of American society, there are always ways to get more. Today, for example, you can engage her in one of her numerous Twitter feuds about her own naked body, or take a more passive approach by ordering the latest connect-the-dots book from Sugoi Books, Doin’ It with Class: The Kim Kardashian Dot to Dot. (Sugoi is also responsible for that Drake coloring book, FYI.)

Cover by Dilraj Mann

Inside you’ll find 28 illustrations from a handful of designers, many of which prominently feature butts. There’s Kim on the beach, Kim in the pool, Kim relaxing on a cliff (???), Kim and Kanye in matching leather jackets, and more, so you really can’t go wrong.

We fully support the purchase of this opus, on sale for £7.00 ($10 USD), if only so that someone other than Kim Kardashian can finally make money off Kim Kardashian for once.

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