The Wildest Instagram Beauty Trends of 2018 Thus Far

When 2017 ended, we knew the wild beauty trends weren’t going to end with it. As much as people slammed squiggly eyebrows and fur nails, seeing new trends pop up on our Instagram feeds is always entertaining. Now, only three months into 2018, there’s already a whole new list that has left us questioning, gawking, and thinking, “How the hell?”

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Although many of the viral trends don’t seem very appealing, like fishtail eyebrows—we’re still wondering what a “penis facial” is and why anyone would ever want one—there’s always going to be something around the corner in the beauty world. We’ve gathered 10 of the weirdest, coolest, and wildest thus far to make sure they’re ingrained in your mind forever. Even though you might cringe, you know you have to look.

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