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These Homemade Snacks are So Much Better Than the Vending Machine


Here’s the thing about snacks: You grab them out of your cabinet, munch while multitasking, and then you reach your hand back into the bag, and poof! It’s empty. Snacks often seem to have the power of sneaking into your mouth when you hardly even realize you’re doing it—which means it’s very easy to eat too much, and then feel a little sick. Not ideal.

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We’re not saying you should stop snacking—hardly!—we’re just saying that healthy snacks can be a great option, because you can eat as much as you want (within reason) without guilt. That brings us to another issue with snacks: The ones in the grocery store are often misleading, calling themselves “low-fat” or “natural,” when in reality, if you look a little closer at the label, they’re actually still not-so-good for you. That’s just one more reason why homemade is truly the way to go.

Don’t worry—we know that half the appeal of a bag of chips is that you can grab it and run. Well, the recipes ahead don’t require a ton of time or know-how in the kitchen—just a little planning and motivation to up your snack game. Click through and find your new hanger-fighters.

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