Home Tech This Compact Coin wallet is for techies, not coins

This Compact Coin wallet is for techies, not coins


Design is important with any product, but with wallets design is almost everything. It determines the aesthetics, usability, and comfort of the thing in question, and if you get all those things right, it’s really hard to make a bad wallet. Case in point: this £59 ($80) Compact Coin wallet from a small English company named Nodus. Its name is a little misleading, though, as it can only fit a few coins and its greatest usefulness is for someone like me, richer on contactless cards than nickel-based legal tender.

Like the Waterfield Finn Access Wallet that I reviewed a couple of months ago, the Compact Coin has RFID shielding, which is simply a barrier for wireless transmission that helps me keep one set of payment cards insulated on the…

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