Watch Deadpool paint and shoot things in the new teaser trailer

The first teaser trailer has dropped for the highly anticipated Deadpool 2. The trailer opens with Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) dressed in a collared shirt and curly wig, spoofing Bob Ross’ The Joy of Painting, except it’s called “Gettin’ Wet on Wet with Deadpool 2.” He’s seen puttering around, muttering about the colors he’s using in his painting (which include “mennen black,” “box office gold,” “doc brown,” “pretty n’ pink,” “silverlicious,” “yellow snow,” “red dit,” and “Betty White”). “God I love cocaine,” he remarks to a painting of a snowy mountain range that suddenly appears after he haphazardly brushes the canvas.

The video then cuts to a 10-second montage of moments in the upcoming film. The fleeting scenes feature Dopinder (Karan…

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