What Happened When StyleCaster Editors Went Shopping on a $100 Budget

Like you, we’re firm believers that an incredible outfit isn’t defined by price–it’s more important to have a great eye for style than lots of zeros in your bank account.

That’s why we’re excited to kick off our first-ever fashion budget challenge, where we put our editors to the ultimate shopping test. We sent four editors shopping with $100 and firm instructions not to return until they had picked up a complete outfit worthy of any street style star.

For our first fashion throw down the team tackled KMart, Strawberry, JCPenney, and Mystique Boutique in New York, and returned with a seriously impressive arsenal of outfits–all under $100, naturally.

Keep clicking to see the looks, and let us know in the comments below who you think won the challenge. Who knew $100 could get you so far?

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