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You Have to See the ‘Texts From Your Existentialist’ Instagram Account


Do you wish you could just stop happening to yourself? Do you constantly imagine situations that are 99.99% certain to never happen? Do you wish you could escape from the war in your mind? Step this way, existentialists, there’s now an Instagram account for you.

“Texts From Your Existentialist” publishes too-real memes and has been kicking around for almost a year, but just recently hit the 100,000 follower milestone. It’s a play on the buzzy account, “Texts From Your Ex,” but with a sense of humor that’s much, much dryer.

The bio to the profile, which is run by April Eileen Henry, an L.A.-based artist and poet, reads: “When art meets texts from your existential dread. 😭🎨💭💬⚫️”

Henry started the project when she turned to art “as a visual aid while she wrote poetry about her woes,”—a classic existentialist move—and also shares more memes on her website. On her site, she writes that her aim is to “bring more messages that speak to the pity party line and the seldom spoken sadnesses of life, rather than the alienating positive messages that pervade the internet today.”

Keep scrolling to check out a few of our favorite memes from the accounts. Existentialists, if you could ever fully enjoy the moment, you’d love this one right now.












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