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25 Cute Teeny-Tiny Celebrity Tattoos to Copy


Tattoos are a huge commitment. Not only are they permanent and will be on your body forever, but also depending on where you work or what your lifestyle is like, a huge tattoo can be a burden when you’re trying to make a first impression and don’t want a giant smiley-face overshadowing your accomplishments. Thats’ where small tattoos come in. They pack the same punch as the big ones, but they take up less real estate on your body and are way easier to cover for times when you want to look inkless.

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For celebrities such as Lucy Hale, Bella Hadid, and Hilary Duff, teeny-tiny tattoos are useful for when makeup artists need to hide them for roles or jobs. But that doesn’t mean that they’re any less beautiful or adorable. To inspire your next teeny-tiny tattoo, we’ve rounded up 25 cute celebrity tattoos to copy. From intricate designs to swoon-worthy animals, these tiny tats are worth the commitment.

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