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‘Dear White People’ Star Logan Browning Swears by Just One Brand for Her Curls


You may be surprised to learn that Logan Browning didn’t start rocking her signature curls until college. In a recent interview with Glamour, the “Dear White People” star recalled a time when she thought straight hair made her more attractive.

“And [when I was] growing up in the South, getting my hair done once a week was a thing. By college, I had never seen it curly. I was curious. I don’t even know how to explain the feeling that I get from being a curly girl. There’s a whole new personality,” she said.

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But as she grew comfortable in her natural texture, the 29-year-old soon discovered that it can be difficult to achieve those picture-perfect spirals. So after much trial-and-error, Browning finally discovered DevaCurl, which has become the go-to brand for her daily routine. Her regular rotation includes the No Poo-Original cleanser and Heaven in Hair deep conditioner, followed by a mix of B’Leave-In Curl Plumper and Arc Angel Gel.

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“I twist it up in a towel turban and let it air-dry because I like my hair to be really big. Then there’s a lot of shaking and pulling,” she also said.

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: going au naturel will always be on-trend. So if you’ve got textured  curls like Browning, don’t be afraid to embrace them. Unplug that flat iron, and opt for some DevaCurl instead. The results may surprise you!

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