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How to put internet art in a book


Shared, a new anthology curated by digital artist Molly Soda and poet Sara Sutterlin, is an ambitious project — an attempt to record internet art in a tangible, permanent, holdable format.

Soda and Sutterlin aren’t the first to do something like this. Previous anthologies such as Boosthouse’s The Yolo Pages or Tao Lin’s 40 Likely to Die Before 40 pulled together dozens of disparate writers from the alt-lit genre, and Omar Kholeif’s You Are Here and the New Museum’s Mass Effect series attempted to document memes, word art, digital design, and referential collage. But Shared merges those worlds, counting writing that was written for a Tumblr audience as a distinctly “internet” art form, equally as strange to encounter in print as a meme…

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