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Kehlani’s ‘ILY’ Interview: 5 Love Lessons


There are officially two weeks until Valentine’s Day and love is in the air for R&B up-and-comer Kehlani and Cleveland Cavaliers point guard Kyrie Irving.

In a recent interview with ILY, the Oakland songstress opened up about her basketball beau. Though it may be a bit early to throw around the “L” word, theYou Should Be Here singer has learned a lot about those four little letters. Here are five lessons Kehlani offers in the lovey-dovey Q&A.

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1. When you’re in love, you’ll know.

“I think that when you know, you know,” Kehlani told ILY. “There’s no timing on it. You’ll just say it. That kind of feeling exists whether or not they say it back.”

2. You don’t need to be surrounded by flowers and chocolates to get an idea of the kind of loving relationship you want.

“What I missed influenced what I want to have,” said Kehlani, who says she has never been to a wedding.

3. Expressing love on social media should be fun — for both people in the relationship.

“I feel like if the two people that are involved in the relationship are comfortable with it, then nobody else matters,” Kehlani said.

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