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Meghan Markle’s Freckles Are Inspiring People to Tattoo Them on Their Faces


Meghan Markle‘s face wouldn’t be complete without her freckles. Even before she became internationally famous as the fiancé (now wife) of Prince Harry, the 36-year-old former actress has been open about her natural beauty marks and her disappointment when magazines Photoshop them. But Markle isn’t the only one who loves her freckles—in fact, since the duchess showed them off at her royal wedding two weeks ago, there has been a huge surge of people who want tattoos of the same sun-kissed birth marks.

According to Atlanta-based cosmetic tattoo artist, Gabrielle Rainbow, her shop has been “crazy busy” since Markle let her freckles shine with natural-looking, sheer makeup on May 19. In an interview with New Beauty, Rainbow revealed that hoards of people have been requesting semipermanent tattoos of Markle’s freckles since the “Suits” star tied the knot.

We say “semipermanent” because Rainbow’s tattoos aren’t actually permanent tattoos. Instead, they’re bee-sting-like punctures that, after a few hours of swelling, shrink down to become cute freckle-like marks. According to Rainbow, the marks only look better with time, as the color fades and gives them a more natural appearance. The routine, which takes about an hour, costs $250 and lasts for one to three years. “[Markle’s wedding] boosted customers’ interest in the whole idea of freckles,” Rainbow said.

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Though the “freckles” are temporary, Rainbow still advises people to think long and hard before they sit in the tattoo chair. Rainbow warns that there is some risk with the procedure, which is why customers should do their research beforehand.

“I think cosmetic tattooing or permanent makeup is really on the rise, and obviously with any trend, you will have people who will want to take advantage of that,” she said. “Because this is your face, it’s important that you do your research and find artists who aren’t afraid to show their portfolio and healed work. Even if this is ‘semipermanent,’ there are risks, such as technicians who will go too deep or not use the proper inks.”

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However, Markle’s freckles aren’t only influencing tattoo trends. Makeup artist and Walgreens Beauty consultant, Courtney Larrabee, revealed that she has also been asked to recreate Markle’s freckles since the duchess’s wedding. Larrabee, who said that she has seen an increase in customers who request Markle’s freckles when they walk into the drugstore, recommends a sharp felt tip eyeliner or brow pen in brown or taupe to mimic the royal’s signature sun-kissed spots.

“I’ve been asked to recreate Markle’s freckles a lot lately,” Larrabee told New Beauty, adding that anyone who wants to recreate the look doesn’t need to rely on the sun, genetics or a tattoo. “The secret is using a sharp felt tip eyeliner or brow pen. You want something in a brown or taupe that is soft and natural. It is important to remember to only use the tip of the pen to create the freckle, and dab it instantly with the flat of your fingertip to soften the look. A favorite of mine is Milani Brow Tint Pen in Natural Taupe 01.”

Meghan Markle

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Markle has influenced fashion trends, plastic surgery trends, tattoo trends. What’s next?


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