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The $6 Sea Salt Spray That Adds ‘Gritty Texture’ to Taylor Hill’s Hair


Come summer season, no hair product is more popular than sea salt hair spray. When used in moderation, salt can not only add texture to flat and/or straight hair; it’s also pretty good at ridding the scalp of bacteria and buildup. For those reasons, among many others, the gamut of options seems to never stop growing, although we’ve got a personal preference for the ones that aren’t super pricey.

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Well, as it turns out, Taylor Hill feels the same way. Although she’s a Victoria’s Secret angel with plenty of access to the luxe options, the 22-year-old recently told ELLE that her go-to spray is actually made by drugstore brand Not Your Mother’s Naturals and costs a whopping $6.

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That’s less than we spent on lunch today. Detailing her entire hair-care routine, Hill said, “Alessandra [Ambrosio] sent me Marajó’s Nourishing Cleanse Crème and Deep Treatment Butter. They’re really nice. I usually air-dry, with Not Your Mother’s leave-in Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray for scrunching. If my hair gets too clean, it’s frizzy and out of control. This finds the curl, brings down the frizz, and adds a gritty texture.”

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Other than those three products, she usually keeps it simple with Lancôme Monsieur Big Mascara when she’s not on the runway. We love a girl who’s confident with a fresh (and mostly makeup-free) face. Shop the entire Not Your Mother’s range, including our personal favorite deep conditioner, over at Ulta; more bang for your buck eagerly awaits.

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