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The Internet Is Convinced That Young Natalie Portman Is Millie Bobby Brown’s Doppelgänger


Since the premiere of “Stranger Things,” Millie Bobby Brown‘s character, Eleven, has been parodied on “Saturday Night Live,” memed, and worn as a costume by about a bajillion trick-or-treaters. And though no one can do Eleven better than the 13-year-old who originated here, there might be another actress who can come pretty close—if we went back in time 25 years.

Currently, the internet is ablaze with side-by-side photos claiming that young Natalie Portman is Brown’s doppelgänger, and after taking a look ourselves, we can’t unsee the similarity. Given that they were both child stars (Portman began acting when she was 11), there is ample proof that if the two were the same age, they would look like twins.

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Aside from their doe-ish brown eyes and plump lips, Brown and Portman also share a similar hair history. They both have naturally curly brown hair, have worn their hair straight, and have gone completely bald for roles. Portman shaved her head for 2005’s “V for Vendetta,” while Brown known for her signature buzzcut on “Stranger Things.”

To prove that Portman and Brown are twins separated by time, we rounded up the most uncanny fan compilations. Check out the side-by-side pictures, below, and prepare to be shook. Petition for Portman to play future Eleven on “Stranger Things,” anyone?

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