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TP-Link unveils its first family of Wi-Fi 6 routers


Deco X10 and Archer AX11000

The next generation of Wi-Fi is starting to arrive, and today TP-Link is unveiling its first family of next-gen products. There are six devices in total, ranging from high-end routers to a range extender, all of which use the new Wi-Fi 6 standard to deliver better performance and faster speeds.

At the top of the line is the Deco X10, a tri-band mesh router that’ll work with the rest of TP-Link’s Deco series to spread Wi-Fi signal throughout a home. There are basically zero devices that connect to Wi-Fi 6 signals right now, so there’s not much of a reason to upgrade yet, but the Deco X10 at least provides one: it’ll use Wi-Fi 6 to create a stronger link between routers, speeding up the overall connection. You’ll need two Deco X10 units to…

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